Easily produce high-quality live streams of your church services

The Videoric all-in-one streaming and recording solution helps you to grow your audience and stay connected with your community. Tailored to your specific needs, it doesn’t require any video production knowledge. Just set it up, book the event time, and you are ready to go.

Fast and simple setup

Fast and simple setup

Set up high-quality worship live streaming from your home or church in no time.

No production knowledge necessary

No production knowledge necessary

Our trained live video experts will monitor, produce, stream, and record your video.

Reach your congregation where they are

Reach your congregation where they are

Stream to any destination, including YouTube, Facebook Live, or your own website.

Focus on connecting with your congregation – we’ll do the rest


With Videogenic, you don’t have to think about the demands of broadcasting your event. All you have to do is book your event, get in front of the camera, and begin delivering your message. Our production team will handle the switching, streaming, and recording remotely.

Create the church stream you envision

Stream and record any type of church event, including: Sunday services, Bible studies and Sunday school classes, church meetings,concerts and choir performances, and community events.


Stream from your church

With an on-premise church solution, you can create an engaging viewing experience for those at home. Stream and record important events like communions, baptisms, weekend and weekday services, and more. Capture every moment with a multi-camera setup: For example, you might have one camera pointed at the altar, another one at the podium, with a third capturing a wide shot of the congregation.

Stream from your home

With a home Videoric solution setup, easily reach your congregation from the comfort of your own space. For example, to conduct his weekly online service, all the pastor would have to do is book the time, sit down in front of the camera, and begin delivering his message.


All essential church streaming equipment is included

The Videoric church streaming solution is tailored to your location and needs. We provide only professional equipment, including cameras, streaming encoders, microphones, lights, and accessories.


Live streaming and recording

High quality streaming and recording

Get consistent, professional production quality every time. With crisp video and clear sound, we make sure your audience has the best viewing experience.

Live camera control and switching

Dynamic video production

Make sure every moment is captured by taking advantage of the multi-camera church solution setup. Switch between shots of the ministry to help your online audience feel more present and connected.

Stream anywhere

Live stream to anywhere

Stream to multiple destinations at the same time, including your website, Facebook, and YouTube. Streaming destinations are virtually unlimited.

Easy booking

Easy booking

Book your event ahead of time, and we’ll be there to produce your video, even on Sundays!

Add branding

Personalized visuals for your video

Add custom images to your video, like your ministry’s logo, custom backgrounds, and other assets.

Captions & subtitles

Subtitles and captions

Add titles and captions to your stream: introduce the pastor, display hymn subtitles and Bible verses.

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