Easily stream and record your lectures in high quality

Videoric is the all-in-one streaming and recording solution that helps simplify the process of creating educational video material. Tailored to your specific needs, it doesn’t require any video production knowledge. 

Fast and simple setup

Fast and simple setup

Set up high-quality lecture recording and streaming from your school or home in no time.

No production knowledge necessary

No production knowledge necessary

Our team of video experts will monitor, produce, stream, and record your video remotely.

Live stream video to any destination

High quality video delivered to anywhere

Stream to virtually any destination, including YouTube, Zoom, Google Meet, Panopto, and Kaltura.

Focus on connecting with your students – we’ll do the rest

With Videoric, you don't have to think about the technical aspects of creating video. That's taken care of by our remote producers, so you can focus on teaching.

How it works

Create the video learning materials you need - fast and easy

Record lectures

Record lectures

With an on-premise lecture recording solution, it’s easy to create engaging, high-quality lecture content in no time. Enhance your lecture by adding video sources. For example, we can supplement your video with presentation slides, computer screen share, graphical elements, titles, and annotations.

Stream live classes

Enhance the learning process and engage with your students using live virtual classes, all from the comfort of your home or office. As an educator, all you’ll have to do is book the time, sit down in front of the camera, and begin delivering your material. Videoric lecture streaming is designed to provide a level of quality well beyond what conferencing software can offer.

Stream live classes
First-class student experience and interaction

First-class student experience and interaction

Videoric makes communicating with your remote students feel organic. Engagement with remote students will increase as your students will appreciate the first-class experience where you look your best and collaboration is as easy as it is in-person.

As a presenter, you will be able to see the video and comments from your remote students directly on displays in your space. This will let you communicate more naturally with your remote audience, as though they are in the room with you.

All essential lecture recording and streaming equipment is included

The Videoric lecture streaming and recording solution is tailored to your location and needs. We provide only professional equipment, including cameras, streaming encoders, microphones, lights, and accessories.


Live streaming and recording

High quality streaming and recording

Get consistent, professional production quality every time. With crisp video and clear sound, we make sure your students have the best viewing experience.

Live camera control and switching

Dynamic video production

Enhance the learning experience by combining various video sources, including camera angles, presentation slides, and computer screen share. Switch between them or create picture in picture layouts.

Stream anywhere

Integrates with popular CMS

Videoric offers native integration with Panopto and Kaltura, which means you can easily stream and transfer video files directly to these content management systems.

Easy booking

Easy booking

Book your event ahead of time, and we’ll be there to produce your video!

Add branding

Personalized visuals for your video

Add custom images to your video, like your school’s logo, custom backgrounds, and other assets.

Captions & subtitles

Subtitles and captions

Add titles and captions to your stream. Introduce the lector, annotate the material as you go, add subtitles, and more.

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