Create beautiful live video from anywhere

Having Videoric is like having an on-call professional video production crew available 24/7 in your organization. Use this powerful asset to produce anything from training videos to a weekly live broadcast on YouTube.


On-demand training videos are convenient for employees and employers alike: employees can watch them at any time, and they free up senior staff who’d otherwise have to deliver the content to their colleagues. Use training videos to orient new hires and existing employees to your company’s processes, products, services, and more.

Town Hall meetings

Company town hall meetings bring together employees and senior executives for candid dialogue. Live stream your town hall meeting to include employees who work remotely in far-flung offices; record it so team members can refer back to the discussions later.

Internal webcasts

Effective internal communication can be a challenge for globally distributed workforces. Internal webcasts are a great way to keep everyone in your company up to date on the latest happenings and strategic priorities.

Executive messaging

Emails from the C-suite can come across as cold and impersonal. Video is great way to warm things up. Film an executive delivering their message to add a human touch and engage employees across your organization.

Broadcast TV appearances

An appearance on a broadcast TV program is an opportunity for your company to demonstrate expertise and draw interest. Save time and minimize travel costs by appearing over video – a common format for many news programs.

Product reveals & demos

Share what your team has been working on with the world via a high-quality live video production. Show prospective clients how your company’s products or services can meet their needs through engaging demo videos.

Conferences & events

Corporate events take a lot of planning. Why not get more for your effort by opening them up to the world? Capture clips from your company conference or stream the whole thing to grow your audience beyond who lives locally, who can afford to travel, and how many people your venue can hold.

Seminars & product training

Your organization has a lot of knowledge to share – and video is an excellent way to do it. Host a webinar that demonstrates thought leadership or shows customers how to maximize the benefits of your products or services, improving your brand image and generating leads in the process.

Social media marketing

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer a huge number of ways to target advertisements to their users – and chances are good this includes your potential customers or clients. Well produced and highly targeted social media video content can help get the right eyes on your company’s products and services.

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