Having Videoric is like having an on-call professional video production crew available 24/7. You can use this powerful asset to produce anything from virtual conferences to a weekly live broadcast on YouTube.

Education live streaming
Education streaming

Education and lecture streaming

Easily capture, stream, and record your lectures in high quality. Make a seamless transition to a virtual classroom, or a hybrid setup with in-room and remote students.

Hands-off streaming and recording studios

Highest quality in-room and remote learning experiences

Church streaming

Church live streaming

Live stream your services from home or church. Whether you are streaming worship services, scripture studies, church meetings, or sermons - Videoric has you covered!

Church streaming
Corporate video communications
Corporate communications video

Corporate video communications

Create beautiful live video from anywhere. Whether you are producing employee and customer training, town hall meetings, executive messaging, product reveals and demos, broadcast TV appearances or internal webcasts - Videoric has you covered!