How Videoric works

You focus on delivering great content. We take care of the production.

We outfit your space with everything you need for high quality production and use AI for top results

Flawless video and audio


Effortless live production and recording that offers a hassle-free experience that is always ready when your are.

What equipment you 
will need


We ship you all of the equipment needed for a professional production including cameras, audio gear, lighting, mounting equipment, and accessories.

Remote assistance

Easy installation

Our installation team will walk you through every step of getting your space ready to create videos.



Includes displays for interaction with remote viewers, monitoring live comments, and confidence monitoring

Your always-on Videoric space

Your Videoric space

What you need to provide

A stable internet connection, power, and a quiet space suitable for recording video.

24/7 always-on equipment

24/7 always-on equipment

All equipment in your space is connected to the Videoric Cloud. This is where the  magic happens! The Videoric cloud is set up to monitor your equipment 24/7 to ensure everything is always ready to go whenever you need it.

First-class viewer experience and interaction

Videoric makes communicating with your audience feel organic. Your viewers will appreciate the first-class experience where you look your best and collaboration is as easy as it is in-person.

As a presenter, you will be able to see the video and comments from your remote participants directly on displays in your space. This will let you communicate more naturally with your remote audience, as though they are in the room with you.

First-class viewer experience and interaction
Remote production team

Your remote production team is ready

Powered by AI technology and assisted by a remote production team, Videoric Cloud helps you connect to your audience however you like:

  • Integration with Zoom and other video conferencing platforms 
  • Live streaming to Facebook, Youtube, or other CDNs
  • Recording videos for VOD playback

Videoric Cloud can control everything in your space to create professional video

Live camera control and switching

Adjustment of camera angles and zoom levels


Custom layouts like picture in picture

Switching layouts

Switching between different cameras or layouts

Add branding

Graphics and branding

Virtual backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds (chroma-keying)

Audio mixer

Audio mixing



Your managed video production service

Complete video production service

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